Monday, June 10, 2013

To plant some seeds and make a special day for Daddy

For some reason, I decided this year I would try starting some seeds indoors. I know why - it was for the sake of my girls. I thought they would find it fun. :o)
 And so, one day near the end of April, when the sun was out and the snow was still melting, we went out to mix up some soil and fill some little seed trays with it.
 Old yogurt containers were perfect for scoops. :o)
 Once I made some suitable boxes for holding the seedlings-to-be, I brought them indoors, set up on the kitchen floor, and let the girls put the seeds in. Hope enjoyed scooping a bit of extra dirt on top of some of them, as Joy didn't exactly get that you were supposed to "bury" the seeds.
 Joy had fun watering them.
Then I brushed the dirt off the girls, swept the floors, and found a place by a window to put a table and our seeds.
 I remember how much Hope and Joy liked being higher up when they were babies, better able to see what Mommy is up to.
 Turns out Philip is the same way. :o)
 And he's at kissing level this way. :o) haha. Dear little man.
I find him too adorable for words. :o)

 And I call him "the king of the castle" in this pose.
 "What, me, Mom?"
 The girls being very silly at play, seeing how fast one of them could fill the magna doodle and how fast the other could erase it. :o)
 I could just kiss those little cheeks all day long!
 A tranquil moment of sibling-hood,
 but just one! I mean, what's the fun of being still when you can move?
 Aww. Joy likes to give snuggles as much as she likes to receive them.
 Then it came time for Daddy's birthday. We worked hard all day to make a poster, homemade ice cream, and some of his favourite foods for supper. It was a work day, so we just had the evening with him, but it was special!

 He was delighted to receive a receipt scanner from his family. It will save him a lot of time as he faithfully takes care of our finances. :o)
 This little guy was pretty thrilled with Daddy's birthday balloons the next day!
 He got soooo excited when I would dangle it around above him, reaching up his hands for the dangling ribbon.
 I did have to take it away when he started chewing on the balloon though... didn't think that was very safe.

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