Monday, October 21, 2013

A visit from Opa

Late July we had a lovely surprise visit from Josh's Opa. It was so good to see him again, and a first time for us to have him here at our place. :o) I love it anytime our children get to spend time with their great-grandparents. That is something I have very few memories of as a child. 

 Little children are so amusing. :o)
 Josh thought it would be nice to take Opa to the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. :o) I couldn't help but think of Oma while there. She had such a way with flowers, and many a plant flourished under her care.

 Classic moment - "Smile Girls...." yeaaaaah right! Wasn't exactly their idea of fun, not being allowed to touch the plants all around them. :o)
 Thought this was a unique use for old wrenches.

After looking through the four indoor pyramids of unique plants, we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful grounds for a bit before getting back in the van to come home. There was a photoshoot being done on this bridge when we first got there, but it was available later on which made the girls very happy. :o)
Joy came up with her own way of crossing it.

 Meanwhile, Philip snoozed in the Ergo.

 The tongue. A must have for every Joy-excursion.

Sunday afternoon naptime. I can't thank the Lord enough for how sweet He made babies! 
 Sunday evening tea on the deck with a couple friends. Johnny Peters is another of Opa's grandsons, (adopted) and he lives nearby so we called him up.
 Monday morning. Philip loooooves the book drawer under the crib.

 This was back before Philip was crawling. He would sit in the corner of the couch and play contentedly with his toys while the girls frolicked around him on the floor.
 Opa brought a little photo album of pictures of the acreage when it was under construction. I asked him to explain the pictures to Hope, as we have been out there a few times, and we were taking Opa out there later that morning. It was special for her to see pictures of her Grandpa, and her Daddy when he was younger, as well as the others in the family, as they worked on building the acreage.
 It was during Opa's visit that we discovered Philip loved oatmeal. I made some for Opa each morning, and gave Philip a taste out of my bowl, and he was hooked! He still gobbles the stuff right up!
 Watching his great-granddaughters play on the merry-go-round he made for his grandchildren two decades ago.

 Opa was an iron worker, back in the day, and so he made this unique railing for the staircase that leads up to the attic at the acreage. The music is some of the song Albert wrote for Lorrie on their wedding day.
I gained more appreciation for the history of the place, and the vision my late father-in-law had for it that day with Opa. He told me some of the same stories Lorrie has told me over the years, but I came to appreciate the whole history of things in a new light and with new understanding. Once again, I was caused to be deeply grateful for the man my father-in-law was, and, I think, be able to see more of him in his sons.
 It was a bit somber, leaving the acreage that day, and it was rainy, so.... :o) we stopped by Tim Horton's for tea on our way home and enjoyed it on the back deck, as the showers had passed. The girls neeeded "something to do" so painting nails it was, while we asked questions and listened to Opa tell stories of his past. I think he has them written down somewhere. He really is a living legend, and such a testimony to the good favour of the Lord.

I absolutely had to go make supper, so I asked if Opa would push Joy on the swing. He came in chuckling, "my, that little one, she likes to go high. I push her and she says, 'more, more' , and so I do, and and she laughs.'" Yup - that's my Joy-Belle! She has her Auntie Lydia's spirit for adventure. :o)
 I wasn't quite ready with supper when they were ready to come in, so I set out the tub of coloured blocks on the kitchen table, and encouraged them to create together. Opa made several amazing structures, and Hope had fun making some too.

 Opa blessed me so much - he helped with dishes after almost every meal while he was here. Such a blessing to me, as with all little children and no working dishwasher, dishes are quite a time-vacuum for me. :o)

 You can see where the little man was gnawing on the couch. Gums must be so itchy, when teething. :o)
 A picture of the three generations of Langemann men, for Lorrie. Just missing Josh's Dad, Albert.
Except for his hearing, you would never know this man is nearer to 90 than he is to 80. He said it himself, "The Lord has been so good to me."

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