Friday, October 25, 2013

August Days and Visitors

Sweet little Philip, sitting up pretty well on his own now, and discovering new toys. The trouble with balls is that they roll away from you, and until you can crawl and chase them, that's not very much fun!
Poor kid - he had more colds and runny noses in his first year of life than both his sisters combined. (note the runny nose...)
 For the most part, it was a cool summer, but the girls took every chance they got to play outside in their swim suits. :o)

 This particular day, Philip was in need of a bath, but as the girls had been in the pool and were relatively clean, I got them doing a fun activity while I bathed just Philip. They thought it was great! :o)
They got better at this job as the summer went on. :o)
 That's Chloe and Reid gracing our table!!! :o) They came together for the same fateful ball tournament Reid played in last summer. (The one where they both were at our house the same week, totally unplanned by us but very planned by God.)
 Ah the weekend. Time for a story read by Daddy! This has been one crazy year of work for him, so any time he can give for loving on the little ones is a huge treat!

 I think they were playing "Belly Button Dr." or some such laughing game on the couch.
Just love how he looks up at me like that. :o)

 Ah yes. Then we had to give Reid his inaugural round of the Kleenex tickling game to see how long he could last. Hope and Joy had a grand fun time with it, and I think Chloe did too.

 Since Reid and Chloe both love ice cream, I decided their visit would be a good time to introduce the girls to ice cream cones. Hope and Joy take a while to warm up to new things, but I thought, "what childhood is complete without ice cream in a cone? None!" :o)

 It was such lovely weather while they were here, we ate outside a good deal of the time. Reid had already left for the pre-game warm up, and Chloe and I were gonna take all three kids to the game, so their "quiet time" was just snuggles on the deck after lunch that day. :o)

 Chloe has been so generous to our little girls, buying them so many cute dresses on multiple occasions. She blessed them again on this visit.
 I decided to have a little extra fun with our outing, and make a sign. Reid was #3, of course. :o)
Umm... don't ask. It was the end of the day, and I think Philip was crying. That'll be my excuse for not getting the whole sign in the picture. :o) It was almost time to start counting down the time to their wedding, but not quite. :o) 
 A new addition to my front garden - a lily!

 Not exactly what the busy box is meant for, but she did fit in it, and the bottom didn't break out, so it all ended well. :o)

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