Thursday, October 17, 2013

The journey of a lifetime

My sister was a bride, and I was her bridesmaid. 
October 12, 2013
A day we will all remember with gratitude and joy. 

Yes, dear friends, this was the highlight of our year. A much prayed-for and hoped-for celebration.

And yes, more stories and pictures of the wedding day and the days leading up to it will appear on the blog here, in time.

Chloe's wedding was the end of a very busy month in our lives.

From Sept 8-Oct 19, our little family of five traveled over 12,000 miles, yes, that number was twelve thousand. One trip for missions. One for a memorial service. One for a marriage. Oh yes, and Josh traveled for work too, and the rest of us went to the farm while he was away.

In the time between all the travel, we had 15 nights of  house guests, a marriage conference a church, and our carpets cleaned. ("just" the three upstairs bedrooms - the places where we pretty much live, so that was like moving out and moving back in!) And then there were the gardens and garage to clean out before winter, and the normal things like laundry, cooking, and church. :o) For some odd reason, we also got colds that went through the house, and are just now recovering from that. :o)

So. I have not fogotten about the blog. I simply have not had any hours to devote to it.

But take heart, I will find some hours again, and hopefully soon.    

And now you know the rest of the story.

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