Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven for Seven

One Friday, smack in the middle of August, I took my three little kids for an adventure. We left a while after the sun got up and headed for the Calgary Zoo, where Grandma Lorrie (Langemann) would be waiting to meet us. She was up helping her parents in Swift Current for a couple weeks, and couldn't make it all the way to our place, so we arranged to meet in somewhat of a central place and hang out for the day. 
Sadly, Josh had to work and couldn't come with us, but the excitement of the adventure kept the girls happy on the way there, and the exhaustion of the adventure worked it's medicine on the way home and they were soon sleeping, except Hope. :o) Hope stayed awake talking about the day till around 10:00 pm, and then finally joined Philip and Joy in slumberland. And thanks to cell phone plans, I had a nice visit with my Mum as we drove. We got home around 11:00pm, I unloaded the children, put the girls to bed, nursed the baby, and then Josh got home, having decided to work late that evening. :o) 
It worked out to about 7.5 hrs of driving, and 7.5 hrs of time together with Grandma! Worth it? OH YES! Would I do it again? You bet! 

We stopped in Red Deer on our way south in the morning, and I fed Philip his oatmeal in the van. Then it was time to find a restroom. Public restrooms are quite the adventure with two toddlers and a non-walking baby. Stroller to the rescue! :o)

There's beautiful Grandma! We each pushed a stroller, and the girls took turns walking, or I packed the third child in the Ergo some of the time.
Philip had his afternoon nap in the stroller while we walked.
Stopping to watch the bear.
Only half of the Zoo was open due to the major flooding that occurred there this summer, so there wasn't a lot of animals to see, but the Penguin Plunge was sure cool! You could literally walk up to this structure/pond and put your hand in the water or touch a penguin! Not that you would, because of protocol, but that's how close you got to them. It was set up in this little building with very cool air, making it feel something like home for the animals.
Having seen the Zoo, we took off for a Tim Horton's in Airdrie and the girls promptly fell asleep! :o)
Mom and I grabbed our Timmies and found a green space where the kids could play and we could visit.
Then it was off to Boston Pizza for supper together before it was time to say our goodbyes. The girls had quite the fun time "feeding Grandma." Slightly wild at moments, but fun.
And Philip ate like a true boy - stuffing his face with his little fist and eating up all the food I had brought for him.
Mom was kind enough to get the kids into their jammies while I went and got gas, and then we had to say goodbye.
She is such a precious lady, and I cannot say how blessed I am to have her in my life!

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