Monday, February 25, 2013

Auntie Melody is here!!!

Upon a happy Wednesday, January 30th to be precise, the children and I went to Moms 'n Tots, and I packed a lunch for us to have at the church after it was finished. Then I loaded them up in the van once more on that snowy day, and headed for the airport with a stop at Costco in between, as Auntie Melody's flight was delayed. 
That was my first time taking three kids to Costco, and it went pretty good. I left the carseat with the door attendant, and packed Philip around the store in the Snugli, while Hope and Joy assumed their positions in the top seats of the cart. Philip was ready to eat just as we were finishing our shopping, and so I fed him in the cafeteria area and gave the girls snacks while I prayed for a friend to appear, as I realized it was going to be very difficult to make a bathroom run with the girls with him not contained in his carseat. God answered, and I spotted a friend coming through the cash just moments after I prayed. Such a sweet blessing from the Lord! :o) 
Once we conquered the snowy parking lot with heavy shopping carts (hurrah for us!) my friend went her way and I headed south to the airport.
The timing was perfect. We did not have to wait at all, and neither did Melody. I called, we pulled up, she walked out, we drove home. Happy story. I sure felt God blessing me that day!
Melody was aching to hold Philip, having not met her newest nephew yet. 
He took to her right away, and had many content and happy hours in her arms during her ten day stay with us.
On the first Friday of her visit we learned that Matthew needed to head up for work right away, and Christy and the children were able to accompany him, as they had nothing in their schedule, and Albert was still under two years old, making it cheaper to fly. Josh and I had been hoping Matthew and Christy would be able to make it up to see us this winter, and were delighted to hear that it would work out. We already were preparing for the arrival of Andrew and Angie on Sunday, who were also travelling for work, so I did some quick thinking and praying, and Melody and I got the house rearranged to accomodate twelve people. :o) Each one had a bed, and I discovered I had exactly the amount of pillows that I would need for each adult to have one. Very cool, I thought. :o)
We soaked up our few quiet days with just Melody. She is so incredibly good with kids!!!
She sat for hours and hours day after day, doing activities with Hope, and holding Philip while Joy pretty much stuck with me and whatever I was working on. :o) Hope has long wanted to work on this big butterfly, but never got more than 50 beads or so into it on previous runs. They worked a good two hours at it, and got a good piece of it done, though it is still not finished. :o)
Joy likes the idea of "beads," but doesn't have the dexterity or patience to do them yet, so Play Dough was a better bet for her that sunny Saturday in the living room. :o)
Mr. Adorable.
Looking at his pretty Auntie. :o)
Joy managed to run around after her nap without her tights on for a while, and quite enjoyed her freedom, as you will see. :o)
Not the position I would pick as comfortable, but it suited her just fine. :o) 
Joy gave Melody a run for her money, and made Melody work for her affection, but Melody did win, a few times anyways. :o)
Making salad together.
That boy loves his blue blanket, and loves to be swaddled when he's ready to settle for sleep. :o) Such a sweet baby, he is.

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