Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The more the merrier!!!

Andrew and Angie got in late Sunday night. They got to see Philip and Joy before work Monday morning, because those two got up very early that particular day. :o)
Matthew and Christy were due in Tuesday evening, and I did a big "Super Tuesday shop" (15% off) to get ready for their arrival.
In all the busyness, Joy kinda did her own thing. :o)
Cousin Albert walked in the door and wasted no time finding toys and playmates. :o)
It was such a delight to watch the children together...
...though the two two-year olds (almost) sure knew how to bug each other!
Good morning!!! :o)
Trying to grab a shot that compared their height. Pretty much the same. Albert might be slightly taller. They were very close to the same weight and same length when they were born and are very close to the same weight now.
Who's that in Philip's bouncer???
Ginny, the adorable. :o)
Kid friendly lunch - pancakes, fruit, and tea. I have discovered it only takes mere seconds more to pour pancakes in heart shapes than in circles, and the kids love it!
Our happy bunch. 
Stoked about her tea.
And of course, they had to colour. :o)

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