Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cousin time

It was very special to have all the little cousins together at one time, especially with Auntie Melody here at the same time!
She wanted some pictures of her with all the kids, so once we found a time that the babies were both awake, we tried to grab a few. Unfortunately, Joy was not in a picture-taking mood, but oh well.
Enjoy the shots!

Somebody loves somebody.

And I love.that.shot. It's so Albert. He can conquer anything - as long as he has his doggy. :o)
Philip was in a particularly happy and talkative mood, and one of the Aunts captured it. :o)
Play Dough! Albert is just learning how to do this, but I think Hope and Joy helped give him some ideas. :o)
Snuggle bug with his darling Aunt. :o)
Joy-Belle took every chance to hang out with her Daddy.
While Auntie Angie spent her after work hours playing with Hope. :o) I think they had many games of hide and seek in the basement.
Nice smile...Angie!!
Oh that's a nice smile too. :o)
Hey hey - even Joy had a smile.
Another nice smile. Thanks, Ang!
Story time won over the stubborn Joy-Belle.
Saturday morning breakfast before Andrew, Angie, and Melody had to fly home.
There's Angie with the little man. :o)
And Ginny with her pretty Mommy.

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