Thursday, March 14, 2013

The rest of Saturday

With all the hubbub of getting Andrew, Angie, and Melody out the door, the little ones were a little here and there. 
Christy gave Albert a book and instructed him to stay on the couch for some alone time, which he did! Good boy! :o)
A bit later I turned on a Thomas the Tank Engine episode for the kids, as all of them like Thomas. It didn't entertain them too long, but it was a good distraction! :o)
Once the babies were fed, Christy and I left the five little ones in the hands of their capable Daddies and we went shopping. We went to one clothing store and the grocery store and got back with our purchases before any little person needed us. :o) And the Dad's did just great. :o)
Beautiful little niece of mine.
Hanging out on Daddy's lap while he did something on the computer.
It really blessed me how Matthew and Christy loved on our little kids when they were here even though they had their arms full with their little ones too. It is a very special thing to be an Aunt/Uncle.
Dad's and babies. Fun times.
Busy times.
The best-days-of-our-lives times.
Dopey Hopey (she had just woke up from her nap) with cousin Ginny.
Hmm - isn't the big kid supposed to look at the camera too?
Like I said... she was a bit dopey yet. :o)
That night, after her bath, Auntie Christy blow dryed her hair for her, which Hope thought was very special.
And... you know... this is just what adults do after the kids are in bed... eat homemade chocolate ice cream and play games. :o)

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