Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Valentines and beyond

Matthew and Christy left the morning of Valentines Day. 
Here's a look at the rest of our day...

My happy little man, hanging out on Hopey's bed, his normal perch while I'm getting the girls dressed each morning.
His favourite big sister, joining the photo opp. :o)
That was our Valentines dinner, rice, ribs, salad, and buns, and sparkling juice. I remember my Mum giving little gifts to us kids on Valentines Day as we grew up, so I thought I would do the same this year. It was a good opportunity to give the girls the little bracelets I had bought for them a while back.
The lovely roses were from Josh, of course, and the Hersey's kisses that were on the table for decoration served as good motivation for the girls to finish their dinner. :o)
During the day, the kids and I had fun making this poster for Josh. 
My Play Dough child. :o) She loves it, a lot. She plays for over an hour each time I get it out for her, which, for this energetic two-year-old, is a very large accomplishment. :o)
Hopey creating a soccer ball bead creation. I opened a book with a picture of a soccer ball in it for her to copy. Philip does well being near her... she stays in one spot so he has someone to look at. :o)
Love my little boy. That sweater was my brother's when they were babies. :o)
Hope and Joy checking out the new books some friends sent for Philip. :o)
Chocolate ice cream. :o)
Hah! An impostor on Philip's play blanket. I chuckled when I saw this. :o) 
Philip making a funny face, next to babysitter Hope, who was multitasking - playing a game on my iPhone while sitting with Philip.
There actually are several worthwhile games we've found for the kids to play on our phones, like alphabet games, and memory, and puzzles.

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