Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February Sunbeams

 I love it when the children play in the sunshine in the living room during these cold winter months.
Hope had discovered that if she lined up a few tunnel pieces, she could push a rectangular block through the tunnel. She was excited about that discovery and called me from the kitchen to come and see!!! :o)
Meanwhile, Joy was busily putting together this plastic chain, and just as quickly breaking it all again.
My goofy three-year old. :o)
While working in the kitchen, I heard much laughter coming from the living room. I dashed in there and quickly grabbed my camera to capture the happy play. Hope was "burying" Joy with the wooden blocks,
and then Joy was vivaciously knocking the blocks off herself. Then they would repeat the process, and laugh and laugh, until Joy got bored with the game, which of course happened before Hope got bored with the game.
Mr. Adorable at play.

Hope wanted to do more bead creations, and Joy wanted to be beside her, so Joy was very good and brought her own toys to play with, as she ins't steady enough to do beads yet.
Bless Joy's heart, she's starting to say "when I bigger" to lots of things, as Hope's skill level at crafts, music, and writing is taking off these days, and Joy realizes she is still too little for some things. Joy is speaking in full sentences now, and is quite the little communicator, just like her big sister. ;o)
Gulp. Sunshine and blonde piggy tails. Doesn't get much better than that. :o)
"Hi happy boy!"
I'm so thankful Hope wants to hold Philip, though he's getting strong and wiggly, so I'm finding the best time for her to hold him is right after he's eaten. ;o)
"Thanks for the smiles, guys!"

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