Thursday, March 14, 2013

Busy Cousins

Matthew and Christy were here a Tues-Thur, which gave us Mommies a chance for some quiet weekdays at home with the kids, and gave Christy and her kids a chance to get out a visit a couple of her friends too.
Baby time!
I asked Hope to watch Philip for me so I could do something, and she was entertaining him with the jingle bell on her hand for a while, then she told me she switched it to her knee to her hand could do something else. :o)
These would be Grandpa Albert's grandkids -
all over the piano. :o)
Love it.
Love it, love it, love it! And they were singing too! SO CUTE!
And, you know... while you're in Canada... as the Canadian's do -
and drink Tim Hortons brew. :o) Actually, they were drinking some kind of herbal tea I had at home in Tim Horton's cups. :o)
Just because. :o)
Making Valentines.
Or not.
Curious George stories... now that's more like it.
Good old piano. :o) Love how the kids feel free to play it whenever they want. :o)

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