Thursday, March 14, 2013

A special Sunday

With Valentines Day coming up and all five of Lorrie's grandchildren in one place, I thought it would be special to get a picture of all of them together and print it up for her. 

Sunday morning before church seemed to be the best time to try for a group shot, so Matthew graciously snapped away while the rest of us tried to get the kids to all look the same way and smile. 

Grin... the two two year olds smiled at each other. :o)

Philip did pretty good, as these pictures were taken after a morning nap, but before nursing. Ginny did good too, as she was getting ready to go down for a nap. :o)
It was so sweet to see Joy with a baby girl.
She just  loved Ginny. :o)
I liked this one of the Johnson siblings looking at each other across Joy-Belle.
And then, those awkward moments when you are almost ready to leave for church and the baby must be put into the car seat awake.... eased by two eager toddlers ready to rock the babies. :o)
Popcorn and tea...typical Sunday evening fare around here. :o)
Albert loves tea.
As do his cousins. :o)
"Uncle Maffew, could you please pour me some more tea?"

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