Thursday, March 21, 2013

The start of Birthday happenings

Hopey is at the age where birthdays are a big deal. We have talked about her birthday for months, because she's asked about it for months, as in, ever since Philip was born. :o) 
And so, birthday time finally arrived, and as per Hope's request way back at Joy's birthday, we had the Loates' over. :o) Tallulah and Petra are our girls' two most-talked-about-girl-friends, and they are respectively a couple months younger than our two girls. :o) (It was their family who kept our girls all day at thtier house the day Philip was born.) We had them over the Saturday before Hope's birthday, because that was the day that worked for all the adults!
The four balloons were a big hit.
The girls started their own spontaneous game of "don't let the balloon hit the ground!"
Hopey and Tallulah, getting into that birthday present!
And what a perfect gift - a lite brite set, an erasable marker alphabet pad, lipsol, and a hula hoop!
Very delighted to have her "own" tube of lipsol.
"Thanks, Toolah," as Hopey calls her.
This was Hope's last Sunday as a three year old, and I had a sentimental Mommy-moment that made me decide to take some pictures of her and Joy to mark the occasion. As you can see, they had other thoughts about the matter.

The boy sits very well in the couch corner. He has a strong back!
And this was Hope on her actual birthday, which was a Wednesday. Now, Wednesday mornings is Moms and Tots at church, and Wednesday night is kinderchurch (3-5 bible class) at church. These are the two highlights of Hope's week anyways, so it was perfect that her birthday fell on a Wednesday. She wanted to wear her flowered blouse that day, and I made a tea party for lunch.
She was enjoying it too!
Hope, talking to Grandma Langemann on the phone before supper.

She opened a few gifts throughout the day, but we didn't rush anything. She was happy to leave some for the next day and the day after that. :o) Helped her enjoy the experience more, I think. :o)

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