Friday, February 22, 2013


The reason for my absence from the blog will be self-explanatory in the next few posts, and it may take me a couple weeks to get even those up, as we are being blessed with more company here soon. :o) So bear with me, and here we go. :o)

Laundry. Three kids make this so much fun!
Love my little fuzzy head. :o)
Adoring moments from big sister Joy, after her nap.
Hopey came to see what all the fun was about on Mommy's bed.
Love it!
Joy and her "stuff," as she calls it. She likes to gather little collections of things, cart them around the house, and plop down and play with them in many random places. :)
Sweet Hope, almost always willing to go and talk to Philip when he needs a face close by.
Deborah, catching some cuddle time with Philip after babysitting the girls while Josh and I, along with Philip, went on a double date with....
...these two amazing people: Reid and Chloe!!
9:00 at night is not the best time to take pictures, but they wanted to anyways. :o) We had a 4:00 reservation at the Melting Pot (a fondue restaraunt) and after a lovely, slow 4 1/2 hour delicious meal, we came home to play games. :o)
They actually were here all weekend, but hostessing with three kids is a lot busier than hostessing with two kids, and I found it hard to find time to take pictures.
They had to leave after lunch on Sunday, but not before getting the girls laughing with a wee bit of running around after each other.
Discussing "the plan."
Ready, set, GO!!!
Uh, yes, my handsome prince does cry occasionally. :o)
But he's easily consolable.
Sunday evening cuteness.
"DAH, MOM! That flash is for the dogs!"
Gotcha, Philip!

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