Friday, January 25, 2013

Daddy goes awawy

The time had come. It was time for Daddy to travel again for his business, and time for Mommy to try her wings with three little ones for a week. He wasn't gone too terribly long - just the weekdays of Jan. 14-18.
 With Josh gone, meals were simpler, and I kept projects around the house at a minimum. It was very mild that week, so they "helped" me shovel snow, played on their swings in the backyard, and we built a snow man together.
 I'm thankful for a battery-operated baby monitor which I kept in my pocket, so I could hear Philip when he woke up. :o)
 The Lord is good to me. Some friends were available on a few evenings that week and came by to give me a hand with the evening routine. :o)
 Just being together. :o)

So similar, so different. :o)
This child loves fitting herself into things. They love my laundry baskets, and take turns sitting in them with the other sister piling toys or blankets on top of them. :o) This is downstairs, and I will get pictures of our refinished basement... SOON! 
Josh came home late Friday evening. This was Philip frolicking while we ate supper on Saturday.
 She loves my hat. Her cute little jumper from last year still fits her, but just barely.
She was hiding behind the drapes in the living room (ahem!!!) while Hopey looked for her. They love playing Hide and Seek, and Simon Says. Though, Hope doesn't really quite get the part about "hiding".... she tells you where she is every time!!! Oh well - it's a good way to practice their counting. "10, 11, 12, 19, 17, 19, 12!" Yes - a bit of work to do. :o)

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