Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Joy

Happy New Year, everyone! 

To resume where I left off in December, we begin again our tale of life at the little Langemanns with pictures from Joy's second birthday, which was Dec 7, 2012.

Joy's birthday morning was bath morning, which meant they got to have breakfast in their jammies. While I got breakfast ready, Hope patted Philip's back.
Love my little boy so much!
The birthday girl listening to the fam at the farm singing "Happy Birthday." Each person sang it in a different key while all singing at the same time, so it was quite the funny song indeed. :o)
Getting some Vit D the old fashioned way.
He had a good nap too.... which was nice... allowed me to have some time with just the girls.
After baths, it was time for a present.
Hopey wanted to give Joy orange coloured presents, since orange is typically Joy's "favourite" colour. Joy quickly deemed the one gift as "mine" and labeled the other one as "Hopey's." That worked for them and me. Gave them both some sense of boundaries, which are helpful for peaceful playtime together.
After lunch and some quiet time, and while Joy was still sleeping, Hope got a quiet snuggle with Philip on Mommy's bed for a few minutes.
It worked out perfect... he settled into a nice warm sleep, and then she and I had a wee bit of time together to get ready for Joy's "party."
After Joy got up, the girls needed something fun to do, so it was balloons to the rescue!
Add some happy music, and they were set for a good 30 min!
My round little gal and her round, blue balloon.
 Birthday dinner was chicken and GF breadsticks, along with fruit and a salad, and corn. I set out the tea cups on the table too.
Love her soft little curls and round baby cheeks.
The little man looking up at his Daddy while Mommy ate her supper.

Josh and the girls finished first, while I nursed Philip, so while they were waiting on me to eat Joy found ways of occupying herself. She was quite happy with her first gift of the day (the little plastic kitchen basket and accessories,) and toted it around all day long.
Joy liked opening gifts in bags by herself, but needed help with those that came in paper and tape. :o) Auntie Lydia knit her some new mittens, which was what was in that little brown paper package.
A Winnie the Pooh busy book, with a play mat and little figurines of all the Hundred Acre woods characters.
Our friend, Deborah, came over for a few baby and toddler snuggles that night too.
The kids aren't really into cake, but the sure brighten up at the mention of ice cream, so that's what we had for dessert, after them having talked about it basically all week. :o)
Joy's main gift was a set of rhythm toys from us. I know, I know.... I brought a lot of extra noise into the house with that gift, but rhythm is the grounding principle of all music, so I wanted to provide them with a means of learning as well as a means of fun. :o)
Listening to the clash of the cymbals.
This piece is the favourite - the tambourine/drum.
They are both very good at keeping time, which makes their play all the more enjoyable to hear.

And so, our second born turned two.
She's not yet at the age where birthdays are a big thing, but big sister Hope has that department covered very well. :o)
However, it was still special to celebrate Joy and have a day of thankfulness for her. Like a book we have says, "Princess Joy walks with a skip in her step. She is sunshine on a cloudy day." For all her unique and mischievous ways, she does generally have a song in her heart and on her lips, and although one cannot always discern the words because of toddler diction, she carries a melody very well, and I can usually figure out what song she is singing based on that. My mother-in-law tells me several of her children sang before they talked, and I would have to say that Joy is very much a Langemann in that way. She talks plenty too, mind you.
I am so blessed to be the mother of this child, and look to our Heavenly Father for how to raise her and help her flourish. She is a very active child, like she was in the womb, and her smile always cheers my heart.
Happy Birthday, Joy-Belle! You light up our home and our hearts!

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