Friday, January 18, 2013

Boxing Day and Dec 27th

After Christmas Day, comes clean-up day, or Boxing Day, or the day after Christmas, or Dec 26th, or whatever you want to call it!
Just for looks, though I'm sure she did vacuum up a thing or two.
One benefit of being small is that you fit into all sorts of interesting places.
Like empty gift bags! Funny Uncle Avery pulled them around for a while, till the bags eventually broke or were mysteriously removed. :)
Great Grandma Collin came out later in the day, which made everyone happy.
Hope specifically asked Great Grandma if she could sit beside her at the supper table. It actually worked really well. 
The girl and the tongue. :o)
Great Grandma, opening her gifts. That was a mug from us with pictures of the kids on it. (Way quicker than a calendar to make!)
Yay - I think she likes it.
We also saved Hope and Joy's gifts from Great Grandma for them to open when she was there. She got them 26 Sesame Street alphabet books - one book for each letter, and the books go together to make a great big floor puzzle too! Score!
And this was from my Mum - new paints and a Bible Story Colouring book. Right on!
Joy got a colouring book and crayons. :o)
And Philip - he got clothes, including one very cute pair of Carhart overalls - like every John Deere-tractor-loving-little-boy should have. :o) Thanks, Dad and Mum!
Oh the beauty of the countryside.
I just soaked it up.
Doing some colouring and reading with Papa.
Two boys, keeping each other warm. Avery was so good with Philip.

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