Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Eve happenings

With Reid gone, Chloe's hands suddenly became available, and she put them to good use, blessing most of us with a haircut as she often does when we're all together. 
I had to make a point of giving Philip to Mum, because she was pretty busy hostessing and keeping up with Hope. :o) Such a special relationship those two share. :o)
Joy and I got some birthday presents at the farm, but she couldn't get into this one by herself so I helped her out. It was a triple pack of children's CD's. I can handle about 30 minutes and then I have to turn it off.... maybe that will be their "play in the basement" music. :o)
 I made two batches of popcorn balls, and Joy helped me wrap them with saran.
So special to do something one-on-one with her.
And then, the long awaited, much anticipated event of Hope and Joy making candy houses came to pass. :o)
Just like my sisters and I, Hope and Joy took one taste of these licorice candies and decided the best place for them was stuck to the cardboard houses, not in their mouths!
Auntie Lydia came by to give Granny a break.
And then Papa came along to help too.
I was enjoying watching the girls create while nursing Philip at the end of the table.
All full and perky. :o) I even got the chance to do some candy-house decorating myself, as Joy tired of hers before it was done. :o)
And with other hands to help with our girls, my hubby and I even had some time to relax together on the couch. :o)
Luke was enchanting all of us with his gentle touch on the ivories, but kept stopping to text "someone."
Then he got down to business and pulled out "his instrument" and blessed us all with some live worship music.
Bless Mom's heart for finding space for a Christmas tree amid all the renovations. :o)
They must love each other. :o)
Thirsty girls enjoying their new water bottles from Auntie Angie.

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