Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The last of Christmas vacation

After feeding Philip one morning, I realized I didn't know where the girls were, but hearing voices coming from the end of the hall soon led me to find them up on Granny's bed, looking at old photo albums with her. 
Great memories relived with the next generation. :o) It was neat to see how I do lots of the same kinds of things with my children that my Mum did with us. Suppose that's where I got the ideas in the first place!
Pardon the spit up... I wanted somebody to get a shot of the back of his outfit. :o) See why?
Picture looking time soon turned to frolic time with Joy-Belle, and then it was so nice and sunny, I thought I should add Philip to the mix and snap some pictures. This one makes me chuckle with his hands flung out as the weight of Joy's head suddenly lands on his tummy! Oooph!
There, that's a bit better.
He's used to it now.
Three little ones to love, and love 'em we do! Thank You, Lord!
Gotta wear the outfit while it fits, even if it was past Christmas. :o) 
Like the stripes! :o)
He's handsome and  he cooks. BONUS! Luke and Lydia treated us to our little holiday luxury of crepes for breakfast - gluten free and regular!!! Yum, yum!
Later in the day, we got hungry again, so Granny occupied the girls with making smoothies.
Great-Grandma came out again, to soak up some good old family time. She looks nice in her new sweater and shirt from Dad and Mum, eh?
Laying some love on the little guy who is named after the love of her life, our late Papa Raymond Collin. I had to post the picture for Grandma's smile.
And there's the missing part - Philip's open eyes. :o)
Somebody who always wants to hold her little brother.
I noticed I happened to have all the kids in stripes, so thought I'd try and get a sibling picture.... uh, Joy didn't think so. :o) Oh well. :o)
Content little eyes.
Oops, leaning a bit there, bud!
Then we had to get the girls in their jammie's and off to bed, so Papa took a turn. This was our last evening at the farm. Sniff, sniff. It was such a lovely Christmas. Ah. God is so good to us.
On our drive home to Spruce Grove we stopped overnight in Calgary to see these two lovely people again. (Reid's Mom and sister live in Calgary, and Chloe was there visiting after Christmas.)
And, they blessed the girls with story time and lap time again....
...and Joy is deciding that it is okay to sit and smile with Mr. Reid too. :o) Yay.

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