Saturday, January 5, 2013

My little helpers

Everyday happenings around here include...
Some countertop time for Joy... she knows enough to sit sort of still while up there, and likes to be close to Mommy and whatever I'm doing, so she usually sits plopped on some countertop for a bit after naptime when I am making supper.
My sister Chloe called to visit with me on the phone one evening, so while Philip and I did that, Josh got both the girls occupied with doing the dishes.
So grateful for their helping hearts, and their brave and kind Daddy, who let them help and cleaned up after them. The floor around the sink needed a washing anyways... so they just provided the "water-on-the-floor" part. :o) !
Wednesday mornings we get up and get ready to go to Moms 'n Tots.
Hope stayed by Philip while I got Joy in her coat and got the van started.
This year the girls discovered the joy of candy-canes.
I must admit I share their enjoyment of this seasonal candy... which is about the only candy I enjoy period.
The strawberry candy canes were a gift from Hopey's teacher at Moms 'n Tots.
I came into the kitchen from doing something down the hall and was surprised to see this taking place. I didn't know Hope could lift Joy off the ground. There's only about four pounds difference between the two of them. :o)
However, both of them were laughing, so....
I grabbed the camera....
and snapped away. :o)
To alleviate the sadness of Hopey and Daddy having left for prayer and kinderchurch on this Wednesday night, I distracted Joy with opening a gift for Philip that had just arrived in the mail from my Great-Granny Cote. Phew! It worked, and she was cheered up again.
As Hopey did with her, Joy now pushes the baby and the laundry down the hall for Mommy, though I think Joy gets more of a thrill out of it than Hopey did. :o)
For old times sake, I put Philip into this sleeper that his Daddy wore as a baby. Josh and I both agreed it wasn't really his colour....
....but it was only on him briefly anyways, as he sent a classic gold rush up his back after nursing, and then I had to change him from head to toe. :o) 
Taking time to let her hold the baby.
Good for us all,
even though Philip didn't agree. :o)

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