Friday, February 22, 2013

In which we get ready for more company

Reid and Chloe left on the Sunday.
Monday we began turning the house around for the Langemann company that was arriving on Wednesday and Sunday of that week.
But of course, you must take time to play. Hope had fun with the farm animals and cars and tractors one morning while I was nursing Philip.
And yes, she is having fun with dress up these days.
Joy, my ever-energetic one, shaking her bead necklace around in the little pink stacker piece.
Yup. He's my all-star.
Of laughter and tears.... one moment Joy was doing this nicely with Hope, and the next she was smashing the wall to bits. That was the original idea, but I guess according to Hope it wasn't ready to be broken when Joy broke it, which generated the aforementioned tears. :o)
This is what happens when Mommy doesn't buckle him in. He wiggles. He moves. And Mommy moves him up and buckles him in before he wiggles right out.
But not before taking his picture, and a couple videos. :o)

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