Thursday, August 26, 2010

Auntie Chloe comes to see us!

Late Wednesday night, or rather, early Thursday morning, Chloe rolled in from Lethbridge! She needed to be in Edmonton on the weekend for a Doula Conference, so she came a day early to join the fun going on at our house. Lydia and I had the painting done by then, but not the stenciling. We were saving that for the artistic, tall, stylish, beautiful... you get the idea - for Chloe.
Being the true quilter and farmer's daughter that she is, she wrote out everything first and measured it to be sure it would fit before she began. I really wanted Zeph 3:17 to go on the nursery walls, but Chloe wasn't sure it would fit, so she investigated! Ha ha - not only did it fit, but Ps 91:11 and Ps 23:1 also fit!! It is so refreshing and encouraging to have the Word on the walls of our baby's room! Helps me focus on the truth during tired moments as well as happy moments!
Josh found time to check out our bathroom light switch situation to see if he could change the wiring so the outlet would have power without the light having to be turned on.
Well, unless he was a dry-waller he didn't think he could do it. Hence, we decided it wasn't worth it, and so that's that. Back into the wall went the switches, and we're still happy.
The artist at work.
Along with helping me paint and playing with Hope, Lydia made time to keep up on email and scheduling for her new piano students.
Hope was supposed to be helping set the table for lunch, and I guess in a way she did -
She just decided to occupy herself and stay out from underfoot by playing with the spoons instead of putting them on the table.
The girls had Hope playing with them in the nursery while Chloe stenciled. There was a lot of chatter and a lot of laughter coming from that room! :o)
Next day, more of the same. Hope seemed to think it was "the funnest thing" to play with the toys in the crib for a few minutes and then gleefully throw them down onto the floor!
Ah yes - making it look real classy, and using the level to make sure we get it on straight!
Working together - such fun! ...Thinking again...
It's coming along!
The girls babysat Hope for us that afternoon while we attended the funeral of a family friend. Later, Auntie Lyddie whisked Hope off to the kitchen to bake cookies.
Hope loves to help, as you can see in the clip below.

Needless to say, that was well-seasoned chicken!
Saturday night bath! Look at that fun bubble hat Auntie Lydia made!
It was such a nice break for me to have Lydia bathe Hope while Lydia was here, as my growing tummy is increasingly making Hope's bath time more of a challenge for me. Thankfully, Hope was totally fine with Lydia taking Momma's spot at the tub side which is significant, because Hope is very particular about who she lets into her bath experience!
Look at the mess we made! 5 canners of peaches in 5 hrs sure makes a mess of one's stove top! While Lydia bathed the toddler, I took to scrubbing this mess in an effort to restore the stove top it to it's original colour. I ran out of energy before it was finished though, so Lydia graciously finished it for me while I looked at books with Hope before bedtime. The fruit of our labour! These are Josh's favourite, so I was glad to be able to do a bunch this year. Thanks to Lorrie for passing on some of her old jars from the acreage!

The next evening the girls returned home to the adventures that await them there. We were sad to see them leave, but very blessed by their visit with us.


  1. I LOVE your nursery!! How chic and special it will be!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. ERNIE!!!! I wish to know more details of how Chloe stenciled those verses on the walls! My family has recently moved into a new house and I would LOVE to put Scripture on my walls...but the pre-made press-on kind are a bit pricey. Stenciling hadn't crossed my mind. Love the pictures!

  3. The nursery is so classy and cute, I love it! :) Are you anticipating a boy or did you just paint it blue and brown for kicks? :)