Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lydia's Visit, Pt 2

Monday was a nice day outside, so we ate lunch in the backyard to escape the paint fumes for a little bit! Hence the rozy cheeks in the following pictures. :o) Lydia checked her email after lunch and soon had Hope on her lap watching a video from Lizzy's blog. Hope was captivated by watching Kaitlyn laugh during her bathtime! Hope made Auntie Lydia play the video 6 or 7 times in a row. Lizzy - just so you know, Hope has now taken to saying/waving "Bye-Bye" the same way Kaitlyn does! So sweet our little ones can be friends even though we live so many provinces apart. :o)
Like I said - it had her complete attention!
FINALLY - a day warm enough to get out the swimming pool!
The fascination with dumping water continues.... that's usually what Hope does when she "washes dishes" - she dumps the water from one container into another. :o)
Hee hee hee. Yes, I painted her toenails!
Hope likes water as much as Lydia did when she was a kid!!!
Throwing her Pooh Corner friends into the water to watch them splash and make Auntie retrieve them. :o)
Or, over the edge. Whatever struck her fancy.
She eventually got brave enough to get up and go after her own toys in the pool.
Chasing down that ball so she can throw it out for Momma to fetch!
One of those classic late summer afternoons. :o)

And now, here's a little one for Grandma Lorrie. Hope's really starting to talk, and you'll get to hear a bit of her jabber in the video clip. You'll notice she still signs for "please." Wins me over almost every time, except when it's not good for her to have what she wants. :o) "Hi-a" is Hope's version of "Hello." :o)

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  1. So fun that Katelyn and Hope connected. :) Hilarious! :) So glad you posted a bunch more pictures Erin...I was waiting! :)