Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Pt 1

Hello again everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've been on here, so I'm gonna try and get up to date again this week if I can.

The reason for my absence has been that we've been on vacation, and have had more company!!! Anyhow, I never stop taking pictures, so here's a look at what we've been up to!
Two days before leaving for vacation, I found time to paint the deck! It took some thinking ahead with a toddler, as we were kind of painting ourselves out of the house, at least the back entrance!
Hope was very good while I painted. I gave her a bucket of sand and some containers, and she happily played for an hour without needing me.
When she did need me it was Cheerios and water to the rescue, as I wasn't quite done the deck! Not sure that I would have mixed Cheerios with sand, but she survived! :o)
First stop on our vacation was Banff National Park! Josh wanted to take us to Johnston Canyon, a favourite hiking spot of the Langemann's from back in the days when they lived up here. It's still a beautiful spot, and the paved hiking trail was pretty stroller-friendly.
Hope was content to stroll with us, and Josh even took her through a tunnel to where you could look down over the falls and feel the splashing water. It was roaring-ly loud in there, but Hope didn't seem to mind at all!
Looking down at the end of the tunnel.
Josh and his little girl! He did so great on the hike, even though he was coming down with a rotten cold!
Through the eyes of a Mom, this is a beautiful picture!
More beauty.
Delighted to have her water along!
And quite set on keeping it with her. :o)
Not long after her drink she conked out for a nap in the umbrella stroller, which made pushing a little more tricky, but we managed. I pushed her as much as I could, because I'm shorter than Josh and the stroller is low to push, especially when it's cargo is asleep! :o)
At destination point #1 - The Lower Falls. Me and my babies! (that is, Hope and "Thumper" - no twins) :o)
I love the sound of water...
We had to stop for a snack, and Hope stayed sound asleep even in her parked position.
Just love baby hands!
And after a good nap Miss Energy takes off for the car! Here she comes!
Hope's version of running is more of a side-to-side toddle, so it's definitely safer when someone is holding her hands, especially over concrete surfaces.
We started the drive to Cochrane where we would be staying for the night, stopping at another beautiful mountain lake on the way. I took the opportunity to stick my sore and very dirty feet in the icy water. Hope looked excited to join me from the shore, but one brush of the soles of her feet in that cool water sent her scampering up into my arms!
Daddy's girls. :o)
Hope decided she'd had enough of being carried and insisted on walking back to the car. Mercifully, Josh met us half way, as there was a long-ish slope between us and the car.
After a drive-thru supper at Wendy's we made it to our hotel. My dear hubby was quite "done" for the day, and crashed as soon as he had our stuff into the room. Unfortunate time to have a cold, but he persevered, and 12 hrs of rest certainly helped!
This was Hope's first hotel stay, and she discovered that hotel's have cool ice-boxes that make great toys to play with while I set up the playpen, found our PJ's, and put the contents of the cooler into the fridge.
She had fun putting the little coffee packs that came in the room into the ice box, and then toting it around the room until the lid fell off and the contents spilled on the floor. Then she put them back in and did it all again, and again, and again! What a great kid. :o)
All cleaned up and ready for a snack before bedtime.
But still inquisitive!

Pt 2 coming up....

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