Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Pt 3

After a day of work on the farm for Mum and a day of practicing for Lydia, they sat down to paint and sketch some of the beautiful bouquets that Lydia had been given at her recitals. You go gals!
BAKING! Yay! Making Uncle Luke's favourite - saskatoon muffins! I wore that same apron when I was a little girl. :o)
And of course, when you make a mess you have to clean it up! Hope and Granny had fun working together.
A tricycle! Wow! Auntie Lyddie took a break from practicing to see if Hopey-Doodle would like the tricycle!
And like it she did! She didn't want Auntie to stop. Hope doesn't know that your feet are supposed to reach the pedals, so she thought it was just great! We used to ride that trike when we were little. I think it "belonged" to Chloe.
How do you make a little girl happy?
You put her in the dirt...
...with a pail...
...and a shovel...
...and you let her play!!!
One of happiest kitchen memories from the farm is making pies! I know Mum likes to have saskatoon pies in the freezer, so I offered to do some for her while I was there. Baking pies is easy when you're on vacation because you don't have to do all the other "Mom stuff" at the the same time. (like making meals and cleaning)
Note: Never put on a clean T-shirt before making pies with a toddler, because it won't stay clean for very long!
Contemplating something...
Hope's job was to put the berries in the pie shells. With Auntie Lydia's help, she did a great job!
On Thursday we went to Lethbridge to do some shopping, get massages from Chloe, and visit with some dear friends, the Webbers. One of their little girls kept Hope quite occupied by building this little stacking tower and then Hope would knock it down.
Hmm... I don't think the tower got quite finished that time.
The next day, before going out to the garden for one more picking of raspberries, Hope and I bagged the ones that had been quick-freezing on cookie sheets from the day before.
Hope actually helped and put the berries in the bag!
Though it was usually just one at a time.
See. :o)

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