Saturday, August 28, 2010

18 months and counting!

Yesterday was Hope's 1 1/2 birthday. She has brought so much love and joy to our home! We are blessed to have her as our firstborn. She has officially passed the 18 pound mark now, so only a little more to go before we can turn her car seat around in the car!Grandma Lorrie and Auntie Amy sent a special package for her in the mail, and we let her open it in the morning so she could enjoy the contents all day long!
Daddy reads her card to her while she explores the box. It was a Winnie-the-Pooh postcard, and as soon as Hope saw it in the box she excitedly pointed at Tigger and exclaimed "T, T, T!" She hasn't got the full word down yet, but she says the "t" sound very well!
A new puzzle! Hurray.
She handed it to Josh right away so he could open it for her. There were also some cute outfits in the box, which she toted around the house most of the day.
Later, she was playing with one of her dollies. "Baby" and "hat" are two words she says very well, and was repeating both of them constantly as she was playing in the hallway.
I guess she saw that the doll's hat was off it's head, so she was going to put her purple dress-up hat on the doll instead. Needless to say, it covered most of the doll, not just the head!
We had half an hour to spare before lunch, so Hope and I decided to make some blueberry-strawberry muffins for Josh.
It gave me a chance to try her out in the homemade apron that had also come in her birthday box! I got a matching one too, so we both wore our new aprons while we baked. I showed Hope how to put the cinnamon sugar on top and she put it on all the muffins for me, only doubling up once!
Decided she'd try her left hand at it too!


  1. You do so good at including Hope in your work, Erin. She is so, so dear! Isn't it amazing how much they understand and comprehend even before they can say many words? It is so exciting to watch them grow - both physically and mentally.

  2. I love reading your blog when I have a few minutes here or there, Erin! It's fun to see what my "friends from the past" are doing with their kids.
    I'm thinking she can't really only be 18 pounds. Ethan is 14 months and is 27 pounds! Are you sure it wasn't a typo? Now, granted, he is a big boy, but still!!