Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol VII

Here's just some shots of everyday life at home with Hope.
Hope's first time to watch a DVD. The expression on her face tells me this is why we don't make this a regular occurrence - it was maybe too captivating. :o) She was watching a sing-a-long DVD and she got rather excited when she saw things she knew how to say like "Duck" and "Baby." It was the end of the afternoon and I had purposed to tackle the ever-evasive ironing stack, and needed something new for Hope to do. :o) Thought it was cute how she had her stuffed toy by the nose while watching. :o)
Fun with an old caterpillar the Langemann kids used to play with. ;o) So thankful our house has a built in circle through the kitchen and dining/living room that she can walk and run around. :o)
Oh yeah - Josh had also attached the little fridge frog to Hope's overall straps, and she loved it! She has a blast pulling this guy off the fridge and sticking him back on throughout the day.
'Round the corner she comes with the caterpillar trailing behind her.
Cute pose on a cute perch. She balances amazingly well when her legs are dangling over the edge of things, and likes to sit that way.
I think we were getting ready to go for a walk outside.
One last shot! Her piggy tail certainly has a style of it's own. :o)
Sunny days have been few and far between up here recently, so we nabbed this opportunity to have a picnic on the lawn. This was the first day I tried making a grilled cheese sandwhich for Hope. She did pretty good with it.
More fun with her "baby" as she likes to call her dolly. I had showed her how to put the baby in a blanket the day before, so she was trying it on her own.
As you can see, she hadn't quite got it figured out yet. She would put the blanket on top of the baby but not the other way around. :o)

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