Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

This past Saturday was the Computronix fall picnic, and we decided to go. The day started out cold and rainy, but a little bit of sunshine broke through mid-afternoon which made everyone happy.Since the swings were busy, Hope had to ride on something else at the park.
I think she quite enjoyed herself. She likes getting attention from her Daddy.
Hope was old enough for some of the races. Josh helped her get the idea of this one.
I don't know how many times she dropped that marshmallow and picked it up again, but she did the whole race...
....with a little help from Daddy.
Guess she decided it was faster to carry the marshmallow in one hand and the spoon in the other, rather than carry the marshmallow on the spoon. :o)
After the race Hope was getting underfoot of the bigger kids, so I pulled her onto my lap to keep her from getting bumped and falling into the mud again. She thought we should play with my camera, so we tried a self-portrait. :o) I see I got Josh in the background. :o)
Sunday lunch - scrambled eggs for Hopey-Doodle. This is one of her current favourite foods. She likes it so much she wants it in her bowl and on her tray as soon as it comes out of the frying pan. She's learned that it's hot that way, so she's learning how to blow on it. Of course, the "funnest" thing about this is making Daddy and Mommy also blow on the eggs before she eats them.
She can feed herself, but she doesn't really like to. If she uses the fork she spears the food with it and then picks it off the fork and puts it in her mouth with her hand! She loves to say "poooon" - which means "spoon" and calls all utensils "poon." She can sort of say "bowl" too.
Though she doesn't do the cutlery thing too much, she's doing really good with drinking from a cup. We discovered she has the most success if the cup has two handles.
And after a Sunday afternoon nap and a change of clothes, it's fun time with Daddy and Mommy.
I wouldn't have thought of doing this myself, but Hope seemed to like the idea of getting a shoulder ride and a rocking chair ride at the same time. :o)
Snacks and a game of Bohnanza. Hope got to play with the extra cards.
She was chowing down on those grapes I tell you! I wondered if she was going to get a tummy ache from eating so many.
She knew which ones were hers. She likes to share the grapes with her dolly. It's pretty cute. The dolly is also getting very accustomed to sharing water from Hope's sippy-cup. :o)
Looking on while Daddy makes his move. From her perch on "the big chair" her chin rested just nicely on the tabletop.
My lap space is kind of occupied these days, so when Daddy's available Hope sits with him.
She was figuring out how to put the cards back in the box, and doing pretty good at it too.

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