Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend Visitors

Last weekend we were blessed with a visit from my sisters and some English friends of theirs, Bryan and Ann Norford. Chloe and the Norford's were in Edmonton for a writer's conference, and Lydia was here for HOPE TIME! :o) Hope was glad to have Auntie's attention again. :o)Bedtime stories in the recliner rocker.
Makin' pancakes Saturday morning.
Hope was a little dazed that morning, but she got excited when she saw the pancakes on the griddle! She ate 2 1/2 pancakes and a good portion of scrambled eggs too!
Good thing she filled her tummy, because after brunch Lydia and I took her outside with us to do some fall yard work!
While I pulled out dead flowers and plants, (we've had several frosts and a good deal of cold weather already) Hope played in the bag of peat moss that Lydia was working into the flower beds.
She was quite concentrated on what she was doing, and not really interested in smiling for the camera, as you can see. But Lydia was a "good girl" and smiled for the camera! :o)
After a bubble bath and some lunch Hope tried her very first Peanut Butter cookie! I was putting some in a bag to take to some friends, and when Hope saw what I was doing she said "cookie," paused, and added "please." She's got a couple two word phrases she's starting to say, but this one surprised me! :o) I think she remembered baking the cookies with me the day before.
With Lydia keeping Hope company in the back seat of the car, we headed off to visit our friends Jason and Nicole and their new twin girls, Louisa and Amelia. Hope stayed sleeping in the car for the first part of our visit, but when she woke up she sure wanted to see those two babies - and wanted to have one hand on each! :o)
I had Louisa and Josh had Amelia at that moment. My lap was feeling really full! I passed when Jason came by with hot tea, but it sure hit the spot later. :o)
Hope's fascination with hats and babies continues. It'll be so fun to have our own baby in the house soon and see her be the big sister. :o)
After Chloe and the Norfords got back from the conference, it was playtime for Auntie Chloe and Hope. Here they were gleefully saying "bye-bye" to some blossoms that had fallen from the neighbours tree. The breeze was just right for Chloe to pick up the blossoms, toss them up into the air, and watch them be carried away by the gentle breeze.
Such priceless expressions. Simple things are so beautiful, especially in the eyes of a dreamer.
Not a really great shot, I know, but I wanted to at least get one picture of the Norfords. :o) Bryan, Chloe, and Josh were seeing who-could-do-what with their hands while Ann looked on. Having just had a hip replaced two and a half weeks earlier, she was ready for some rest after a big weekend at the conference.
Miss adorable getting ready for....
a much needed hair cut, courtesy of Auntie Chloe. I painted Hope's fingernails to keep her looking one direction while Chloe trimmed her hair. :o)
Hope really likes having her nails painted. It's so cute. She knows you do both hands, not just one!
Sunday morning before leaving for church, Hope entertained the Norfords by emptying her toy basket one toy at a time, toting each one to Bryan at the table. It was rather charming. :o)
Wearing her new jumper. :o) I had such fun sewing it for her.
....Taking the ball to Bryan.
After a church and a lovely meal together, all the guests left, we had naps, and then playtime with Hope.
A few weeks ago I showed her how to set up books on the floor, and she's getting good at it with these little ones.
She found the stroller tucked away in her nursery and pulled it out for a ride. Maybe one day she'll learn that the baby doll should go in the stroller! :o)

What a blessed weekend it was. A quick turn around of the house was required as we were expecting Granny and Grampi to arrive the next day. :o) What a blessing from the Lord to have so many dear folks visit us here!

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  1. I've been blessed to know Bryan & Ann since they were my Pastors back in Vancouver (back in the 1980's). Thanks for your blog post & some great photos too. Sincerely, Laura-Lee