Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Week at Our House

After a full and pleasant weekend, Monday morning came, and with it - routine, that blessed word! Yep, she still loves to play in the dishwater. "Bubbles" is another of her words that she says.
....scoop it up... dump it out... over and over again...
Oh yes - and stir the bubbles too. This is very smart indeed.
Watch out dolly - you're about to be dropped!
Toting two of them around. Gotta balance the load by walking with the tongue hanging out!
While I was sewing, Hope found her stack of books I keep in the sewing room/office and amused herself for a little while.
Okay - I haven't done this before, and I'm not saying I'm gonna do it again, but my Mommy wanted to see how big my tummy was getting so here's us at 30 weeks.
When folks ask me how I'm feeling, I sometimes answer "kicked" because my ribs sure get a workout from the inside with this little one!
Guess I'm making up for never playing basketball as a sport - I just carry it around in front of me for months at a time. And Josh marvels that my low back aches all the time? :o) Hee hee! We are looking forward to meeting this hidden little person in a couple short months. :o)

And now, prepare to be entertained, because that's what Hope was being - all by herself. I really don't know why I bothered doing her hair this day. She looked like a fuzz ball by the time she was done with her game. She was just in a jolly mood and I captured a bit of it. She shut herself in the nursery and continued to roll around and giggle for a good 15 minutes after I left before finally deciding she'd like me to come let her out.

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