Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol IX

Last week, Ryan Morgan, a Computroid from the Denver office, was up for work, so we invited him over for some good ol' Canadian hospitality and laughs with Hope! Hope was all too happy to make use of the available playmate!
Exploring the Pooh House together.
Ryan gets the idea - she likes it when the animals come through the door.
Then.... after a while, Ryan thought of something else. Hope backed herself up and was leaning on the couch, so he grabbed her feet, tapping her heels on the floor with increasing rapidity. Was that ever a hit!!! Hope was soon signing "Please" asking for more, and laughing merrily at this new game!
After the shoe-tapping game wore off, Ryan chased Hope around the living room/dining room till Josh and my sides hurt from laughing at the excursion! Hope soon learned how to roar like a bear, and at one point stopped in her tracks, did a 180, marched right up to Ryan's face and went "Roar" while he was paused to see which way she was going to go. It was hilarious!!! The clock was ticking and it was getting past bedtime, so I put an end to that fun with a snack, which she wanted to eat on her little stool right in front of Ryan! :o) Personality? Oh yeah. :o)
This was something new she came up with the other night! I didn't know her arms could stretch out that far! :o) I had blown up the balloon for something new for her to do before supper one night, as I needed something to keep her attention.

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  1. Aww, the photos of Hope and Ryan are so cute! :) :) Wish we could tag along with him one of these times! :)