Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What we've been up to around here :o)

Last week, Hope and I worked hard at finishing a couple projects we had in progress. Of course, sometimes Hope is most helpful to me by entertaining herself. These days, she really likes sitting and looking at books by herself. Of course, she likes it when Mommy or Daddy is there to tell her what the pictures are, but she "reads" to herself if we're not available. It's so cute to hear her making all these little sounds as she turns the pages.
The little darling had a cold, so she was a little more dopey and cuddly than usual. As it was, Josh and I caught the cold too, but oh well. We've been so blessed with no colds all summer.
I didn't want to upset her by turning the book the right way around... :o)
Hope-the-entertainer was helping me by handing me pins when I needed them. I was cutting out something.... I think it was a fall jumper for her.
She is remarkably careful with the pins! I would never think of letting "a toddler" play with pins, but she understands very well, and I showed her how to handle them. She's even figured out how to pull all of them off the magnetic pin cushion and put them back on again. :o) She needs to be a little more careful about not throwing them on the floor, but we'll get there.
One of the things I finally got sewn was the bed-skirt for our bed. Many thanks to my great sister Chloe for all the advice she gave me over the phone. So grateful for the experience of others, especially when they're willing to share it!!!
The bigger project underway was creating bumper-pad covers and rocking chair cushion-covers for the nursery. My Mum shopped around to find Peter Rabbit fabric for me, and at long last here it is made up. :o) And for those who are asking - NO we don't know if we're having a girl or a boy. This was just how we decided to do the nursery!
A bit of an odd angled shot, but oh well.
The back cushion helps a lot. I didn't have it before, so it was the one piece I had to create from scratch. I tell ya - I sure enjoy the sewing part more than the designing part. I can see what I want in my head, but getting it measured and cut can be stressful for me.
Just thought I'd snap a couple shots of the nursery bookshelf in it's current arrangement.
:o) Things are sure to shift as baby #2 comes along soon.
And... some folks have been asking to see pictures of the "completed nursery" so here's a few shots that capture most of it.
So eternally grateful to the Lord for His precious Word.
It is so good to have it before our eyes.
In all, the nursery has Zeph 3:17, Ps 91:11, and Ps 23:1 stenciled on it's walls! If ever I need inspiration for songs to sing to my little one I just look up and meditate on His word for a moment while Father brings a song to my heart.

Endless thanks to my sisters for their hours of work in helping me redo this room, Chloe for the stenciling, and Lydia for the painting! And thanks to Josh for earning the money for the paint and new blinds!

Most of all, thank you, Heavenly Father, for the precious gift of children!

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  1. That looks really nice, Erin. Thanks for posting! It looks like you did really enjoying 'doing' this room. =)