Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Weekend around the house

Last weekend, we all were kinda down with colds, so we stayed close to home for the most part. After French Toast and grapes for breakfast I thought I'd try doing Hope's hair in two French Braids. (no connection to having just had French Toast, by the way)
I just had to put her top stuff in a piggy tail, and then we were all set. It worked pretty well, and stayed in pretty well too. :o) Fine baby hair sure braids a lot better when it's damp!!
Sunday after church. I just made that little jumper for her, and it was a perfectly grey and rainy day, so quite suitable for wearing something fall-ish.
Tried the hair in two half-French Braids. :o) So thankful for her natural curls at the back!
Tea bags into a tea box. A new game she devised. :o)
And, while Josh and I were at the other end of the living room, Hope found the Bohnanza cards and happily occupied herself by taking them all out of the box, and trying to put them back in again. She must have remembered having fun doing that the weekend before... :o)
She managed to get about 15 cards back in the box, and then I finished up for her. :o)
All ready for bed, and what better way to settle down than by bouncing on Mommy's exercise ball?
This is her and Josh's "thing to do" and it's so cute to watch them play together!
I had just picked up that little lion fridge magnet toy for her the day before, and she wasn't letting it out of her hands!
Miss hilarious herself! This is called "get ready to be struck by the oncoming ball!"
Facing it like a real woman!!!
Okay, enough excitement. Time to get on with the business of settling down for real by watching a DVD with Daddy and Mommy.
Learning about the Holy Land with Ray VanderLaan. :o)

For your viewing pleasure and laughter, please enjoy the following clip!

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