Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun at the farm, pt 2

One of the best things about the farm is the yard!!! Even though it was mostly cool and cloudy, I decided I was getting Hope and Joy out to play as much as I could. We brought all seasons of outerwear, though we mostly used the winter stuff, not our sandals. :o) 
Always gotta figure things out, Joy-Belle.
And such cute delight when she does.
On this particular day, the best activity I could come up with for the girls was to give each of them a ball to chase around. Or, as you see here, chase the other sister with her ball around instead. :o)
There. Joy found hers.
And at the farm there's this wonderful thing called counter space which makes "helping" with baking so much more fun - at least for the child involved. :o)
Yes, dig in to that flour bag, kiddo.
That's right, now dump it.
No - wait - just the flour, not the measuring cup!!! Mum and I just roared with laughter, as we'd never seen that happen before. Thankfully, Tupperware makes good strong measuring cups, and Mum was able to recover it without any damage after it went around in the Bosch a time or two with the bun dough. :o)
Every kid does this at least once, right? I mean, come on, if you're putting it in so many recipes it's gotta taste good, right? Wrong. Apparently Joy doesn't like flour any more than I did as a kid. :o) Such a confusing texture when eaten by itself. :o)
Playtime with Uncle Avery on the couch.
Avery puts the toys on, Joy whisks them off. :o)
We had a belated birthday celebration for Avery while we were there. He even kept all his birthday presents to open till we were all together. (His birthday was April 4th, a couple weeks earlier.)
And he very graciously let the girls help him open his gifts.
Great fun for them.
Doing a little circle dance with Granny, Auntie Lydia, and Uncle Avery in the living room one morning.
I love the way children express delight!!! So pure and real!
Then Granny got really brave, and attempted baking with both girls.
I remember hearing my Granny Cote saying how she would get up extra early on mornings when we visited her, so she could get her baking done before the little helpers (my sisters and I) awoke, as we made the process quite messy, challenging and time consuming. :o) Mum and I had another good laugh over that when the girls were doing cookies with her this particular morning. :o)
Joy is fascinated with hats. If there's one lying around the house, you'll pretty much find it on her head, and if there's no real hat available, she finds other things that work as hats. :o)
She's very good at saying "hat" and patting her head at the same time to get her point across.
The finished product - gluten free no less!
Yay for new books to look at from Granny's bookshelf!
And remotes - what fun!!! We were watching a hockey game together one night and all of a sudden the volume escalated dramatically. Papa quickly reached for Joy, knowing she was the culprit. :o)

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