Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun in Lethbridge

Friday night, after supper, the girls and I drove to Lethbridge to spend the night with Auntie Chloe and Auntie Lyddie, and to make the Saturday drive home a little shorter for the girls.
Chloe had just trimmed Hope's bangs, and Joy was clamoring to get in the chair and have the black cape on too, so Chloe played along, spraying Joy's head with the water bottle, combing her hair it, and even opening and closing the scissors a few times above her head, so as to give her the "experience."
Of course, it was all pretend. Joy, at 17 months, still hasn't had any need for a first hair cut. So different from her sister, Hope.
Then, it was time for a little walk together and some playground time.
As you can see, Joy is the adventurous one.
She keeps me running at the parks, I tell ya!
No fear, that little one.
She hasn't quite figured out how to get her momentum going though, so you kinda have to tug her and get her started on her way down the slide.
Hope didn't like the look of the tire swing, so Chloe took Joy for a ride instead.
There's my big girl. :o) Cautious climber, that one.
Up the stairs they go.
 Joy found her way somewhere else on the playground.
 She's all about the drama - even though she didn't jump! Sure made it look good.
 It was so funny watching Joy climb those tall stairs. She wasn't about to be stopped just because of her short legs!
Here comes Hopey.
And then it was time to go home. Joy heard the word "go," and immediately took off in the opposite direction. :o) Little squirt! We walked home, took a bathroom break, and then Chloe took the girls for a longer walk to another park/playground while I did a bit of shopping by myself. :o)

The drive back to Spruce Grove went pretty good, stopping at the Calgary airport to pick up Daddy on our way. :o)

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