Friday, May 18, 2012

Still waiting for spring

Spring has seemed to take a long time in coming this year, probably seeming that way mostly because I have two little girls who want to play outside, and Mommy has had to keep telling them it's too chilly to be out. 
 So... they keep finding things to do indoors to amuse themselves.
 They found the plastic pliers and hammer in their toy collection and have been fascinated with them again. I have to remind them that Mommy's legs are not a wall that needs hammered. :o)
 Good ole dolly. :o)
 They came up with this on their own. Joy goes on top and Hopey gives her rides.
 And when it all turns out nicely when Joy has good dismounts.
 Delighted by her big sister. :o)
 But poor Hopey here. Joy, you must learn that faces are not good things to climb over!
 Later, they went and amused themselves with the basket of dolly clothes and diapers we keep on the shelf in their bedroom. Generally, they pick the dolly outfits, and I dress the dollies in them. :o)
 A goodbye hug for Daddy before he leaves to look for office space to rent. (which he found, and he now has an office space on the west end of Edmonton.) If there's a hat lying around, pretty good chance you'll find it on Joy's head.
She wasn't going anywhere, but as you can see, she graduated to a different hat plus her new coat in this picture. :o) I let them have water in their tea set cups, which they thought was great fun! And hey - the floor got a little cleaner for it! :o)

And, when real hats are lacking, Joy finds other things that fit on her head instead. :o)

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