Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Auntie Melody's Visit, Pt 1

We had a lovely guest come to stay with us while Josh was away on another business trip recently, and that guest was Auntie Melody!!! One can hardly call her a guest though... she changed lots of diapers, did lots of dishes, and made lots of meals while she was here with us! :o) Hopey took no time at all to adjust, and was immediately Auntie's little shadow. Joy took about 4 hrs, and then she was all in too! 
We decided we would watch our way through"The Sound of Music" with the girls in the evenings before they went to bed. 
 New stickers from Melody! Yay.
 Hopey asked almost every day to do them. Finally, I put them out of sight, so there would be some left for another time.
 Carefully pulling a lego tower behind Thomas. :o)
 ...a boo!" I was trying to wrap a wedding shower gift for a friend, and Joy kept running off with some of the items from it. Don't you love her toque? In May.... :)
 Oh Hopey, you won't call that a smile when you look back at this picture in years to come. Oh well. You're still cute.
 And you too, my little clown!
 This game is called "balance the ball on the rake!"
 Joy! So, we buy these larger plastic rakes for Hopey so Joy can have the smaller one we already had, but guess which ones she likes better? :o)
 It was a bit nippy outdoors, but the evening sunshine was so beautiful that day we went out anyway to blow bubbles.
Carefully watching Auntie Melody in hopes that it'll work for her the next time she tries it.
Little girl being a big girl....
At least this time she blew air out instead of sucking air in! Success was reached when one little bubble finally floated away from her wand.
Watching for that big one to come off the wand so she can pop it!
Meanwhile, Hopey Doodle plays with the lid of the bubble container.
Handfulls of grass - such fun to pick. Not such fun to pick out of hair though. :o) We had to have a little talk about what to do with the grass once picked!!
"See Mommy?"
Little ones, they learn so much by watching. I think we do too, though we might not realize the fact.

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