Monday, June 4, 2012

The wedding of Dylan and Erin

While Melody was here, we left our girls with her for a day, so as to travel to Calgary for the wedding of my dear childhood friend, Erin McElroy.
 Four of Erin's five brothers. So grown up now. I believe Lee (2nd from right) was a baby when we first met them. 
Walking up the aisle with her Dad, Arthur. It was a very relaxed backyard wedding, on a beautiful spring day at the home of Dylan's parents. 
 Erin, and the young man God kept for her all these years. 
 Love that look on her face, looking up at her Dad. 
 They read their vows to each other, which gave a sense of great care and purpose, not wanting to miss any words, and wanting to mean each one that they said. 
 Listening as his bride reads hers to him. 
 Something funny happened while Dylan was trying to put Erin's ring on... maybe her hand was sweaty or something. Anyhow - it set them and the folks in the front row to chuckling. 
 Signing the register.
"And now, for the first time... Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Giles!!!" 
 One happy bride and her Grandma after the ceremony. 
My sis, Chloe, and long time friend and Maid-of-Honour, Kimberly McElroy. 
Old friends. So sweet to be together again. Colleen (on the right) is getting married herself in just a couple weeks. :o) 
 One of the younger guests at the wedding, being adorable while eating her supper. 
The lot of us together. If I were to think back, I don't think I could count the hours of sleep all of us missed in our teen/early twenty years from staying up late at night talking when we got together. Sisters in the Lord are such amazing gifts! 
Me and my dear, dear friend! She was with me for the birth of our first child, and almost for the birth of our second. Such an honour to be able to share this monumental occasion of joy in her life with her! 

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