Thursday, June 7, 2012

Auntie Melody's Visit, Pt 3

Josh has an office in the city now, so evening time with Daddy is all the more valued. 
We don't keep the Lego out as a regular toy right now, but it sure provides a lot of fun when we do pull it out.
Throwing their balls down the lawn and then running after them.
"Come on Joy, yyyyet's go!"
"That dumb ball - why does it roll away from me when I bend down to pick it up?"
We were watering the sod in front of the rose bushes that night too, so there was definitely a path to take on the grass and a path not to take! (Hope didn't get wet that night. Joy... well, you know, it looked like too much fun to resist...)

Speaking of Joy and water, laugh along as you watch the little bumpkin at a new delight she discovered one hot evening on the lawn with Auntie Melody. 

Oh what a girl! She tried repeating the feat indoors the next mornings when I had the spray bottle out for doing Hopey's hair, but she's mostly learned now that you don't do that indoors!
Watching something together.
Haha, Joy. Guess you must have been wanting down!
I think this was the morning after Melody left, but I decided to include this set in this post anyways. :o)
After breakfast playtime in the kitchen while Mommy does dishes. What those two come up with for fun, I tell ya! :o)
Very sweet, girlies. :)
The girls at play. Hopey was enjoying her floor puzzle, and I was trying to keep Joy from destroying it with her feet.
Little songbird.
"Smile girls."

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