Friday, June 22, 2012

Auntie Angie's Visit, Part 1

This has been a blessed spring for us - getting to see so many Aunties! This time it was Auntie Angie we were all excited about seeing. :o) 
 Normal happenings around here on nice days... baby dolls, strollers - they belong outside - right?
 And lunch! Why have it indoors where it creates mess all over the floor for Mommy, when we can just eat on the blanket and shake the crumbs off onto the lawn?
 Sunday afternoon called for a special picnic on our new front patio (poured last summer, so we're just now enjoying it's usefulness.)
 Daddy brought the little table set out for the girls,
 while he and I ate at the bigger table. :o)
Then there is Joy. Why do you have to be at the table to eat? I mean, how boring!!! 
 Meanwhile, big sister Hope was all happy and dreamy being out with the birds and the flowers.
 The morning we were going to pick up Angie from the airport the girls busied themselves indoors like this while I cleaned up the kitchen. Joy absolutely cracked me up - pushing the dolly stroller with a purse strung over one arm and trying to talk on the Fisher Price cell phone at the same time! Boy! Is she a f-e-m-a-l-e or what? :)
 As it was slightly grey and cloudy outside upon Angie's arrival, she whisked the girls away to the rocking chair for one of many story reading times. :o)
But the sun came out the next day, and so we went out too! :o)

More pictures to follow.... :o)

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