Monday, June 25, 2012

Auntie Angie's Visit, Part 3

Angie was here for the entire week following the wedding, so we had lots of time to enjoy being together. 
 She brought the girls some very-nice and much-needed sandals from Denver. For once we have a pair that aren't tight on Joy's chubby feet.
 Angie wanted to do a longer bike ride one day, so we hit the trail system with a picnic in the bike trailer and quite without meaning to, we biked all the way to the other end of Spruce Grove and then back one street to a playground for our picnic and playtime.
 The little girls were thrilled with the adventure.
 I picked up some new books for the girls at a garage sale a while back, and Hope loves the one about butterflies. Angie said she read it to Hope quite a few times while we were away in Foremost.
 Ahem, JOY! Don't pull that basket of laundry off the couch, child! Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
 Hiding behind the rocking chair with Auntie. :o) What fun!
 And did this ever generate the giggles!
 We were trying to take them down the hall to get ready for bed, but had a little frolic in the living room enroute!
 Then Hope wanted it too! Bless Angie's heart. :o)
 Angie was rightly a bit winded after hoisting Hope that high, and laid down to catch her breath. Joy thought that meant it was "pile on Auntie time." :o)
Angie was just laughing away... :o)

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