Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Auntie Melody's Visit, Pt 2 - Mother's Day

My sisters came up to Spruce Grove after Erin's wedding in Calgary, to visit with us for the weekend and also see Melody while she was here. 
After church and lunch, it was dance-time for the girlies. This is called "quiet the kids down for naptime..." NOT!
 Here comes Joy to join the fun!
 And, after they were thoroughly happy-fied, I, their Mommy, took them off for their nap. I asked Melody to grab a picture of us first,a s we were all in yellow.
 One was all Joy was interested in. :o)
 After naps and putting together a wee snack, we, and the Aunties, strolled down to Jubilee Park. Joy stood at the edge for a while, eyeing the 5 inch difference between the cement pad and the playground pad.
 She must have figured she could do it before Mommy came to her rescue, so she got herself lowered and away she went.
 Note the tongue. :o)
 Scooting herself forward to go down the slide.
 Still must be concentrating, cause that tongue is still out!
 And down she goes with Auntie Chloe to help her off at the bottom, oh yeah - and her tongue helped her balance!!!
I must say, that was the most relaxing trip to the park I have ever had! Some friends from church happened to be there too, and with Aunties to chase the nieces, Josh and I just sat and talked with the other adults pretty much the whole time! It was a lovely Mother's Day-break!
 Careful-moving Hopey comes for a turn.
 And down she goes.
 This is Hopey's happy spot. A bucket, and shovel, and lots of sand!
 And a little bit of a breeze.
 Before the day was done, one other event took place.
 And if you can't figure out what it was, look at the first picture again and then compare it to the second!
 My sisters had to leave on Monday, but not till late afternoon, which allowed us a nice bit of time to spend together.
 We even got in a quick game of Dominion.
 We had bought some diapers earlier in the week, and the box lingered in the living room for a while, being used as an additional toy box.
 Reminds me of Pooh Bear sticking his head in the honey pot.
"Ah-ha-ha! The duckie car! I found it!"

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