Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last day at the farm

Friday evening, just before dinner, Ave took Hopey out for some trike time, and I eventually brought Joy out to share in the fun too, getting the little ones out from underfoot so Granny could make supper! 
Of course, sharing the trike looks easy, but the experience did contain some tears and selfishness and impatience too.
Neither of them quite get the concept of steering yet.
"Uh-oh Joy, you're stuck!
"Okay, Hopey's turn to drive now."
But Joy wasn't so sure about that.
There we go. One smile anyways. :o)
"Whatca doin back there, Uncle Avery?"
There we go. Two smiles... sorta!
And yes, it would be Joy that finds Papa's industrial strength permanent marker in the entry way and gives herself half a french mustache before being discovered. Thankfully, rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab took most of it off.

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