Monday, May 7, 2012

Home happenings

Spring is on its way here in Spruce Grove, but it's slow to wake up this year, so as much as we'd like to be outside playing, we find things to do inside while it's grey and chilly out. 
 Good old Play Dough. She really was having fun, minus a smile. :o)
 Her current favourite thing to do is to cut the Play Dough up into little pieces. :o)
 Which is good, because Joy likes running the Play Dough press, and Hope needs something to do while waiting for her turn. :o)
"If it won't come out, I'll just pull it!"
 Once it's out, it goes back in...
 "Now, I pull that lever down and..." :o)
 Josh's Mom sent two feather scarves for the girls to play with. Hope was dancing with hers like they were butterfly wings.
 And who knows what Joy was doing with hers. :o)
 No words needed.
 Our Home Group meets on Sunday nights, one of which happened to be on Josh's birthday. Some folks had left already, but the few that remained didn't mind sharing the birthday present opening experience with us. :o)
Joy-Belle, doing her part too. :o)

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