Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting to know our little man

The first days of life are so precious. There really is nothing like them. 
We cherish these days in which it was time for Philip to be born.
His first bath proved his lungs work, and he has hardly cried since.
He calmed down quickly, once swaddled in a dry towel and held close by Granny.
Thoughtful little face.
I was so thankful he was born on Oct 30th, not the 31st! Being that it was the night it was, and being that we live in town, we decided to camp out in our room and let the girls have a movie and a snack while Daddy was at church.
Dozing away, all clean. :o)
A sweet friend stopped by to meet our new little man.
Amanda has babysat for us a couple times, and she is a good friend of Hope and Joy's. I'm not sure if this was a "goodnight Philip" hug or a "goodnight Amanda" hug.
But Joy followed suit, whatever it was.
Cuddles with Daddy, after he got home from church. Mum and I laughed - Philip looked plastered against Josh like a snowball splattered on the wall. :o)
Holding Hopey's finger.
Needless to say, Hope loves to hold Philip.
And she is pretty careful with him too. She's very good about making sure his burp cloth is near his mouth in case he spits. :o)
Joy's turn to hold him. :o)
It is working out well to have the full length futon up in the living room right now - gives space for all of us to be around Philip at once. :o)
Afternoon faces.

An attempt at capturing his cute little profile. I'll have to try again.
Blankets and burp cloths! It's a baby's life, I tell ya!
Hope likes to put her cheek on his forehead.
Josh went back to work on Thursday, and was in need of some baby time when he got home. He did concede and let Hope and Joy have a goodnight snuggle with Philip too before they went to bed. :o)

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