Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy are the people

Josh's Mom sings this little song to the girls, " Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, Happy are the people....whose God is the Lord."
And that's how I think of us. :o) We are happy, because He is our God, and because He gives us good gifts, which help us rejoice in Him.
Together time on Mommy's bed.
Thanks for learning how to use the camera, Granny Collin!
Joy was enjoying some cuddle time of her own while Hope happily held Philip.
Lookin at my little man... I could do it all day and all night if I didn't have to sleep and eat and care for the other family members and home God has given to me.
I was having fun seeing his responses when I would caress his cheek.
Getting those milk bubbles up and out of there!
"Dahhhh...such hard work, Mom!"

Joy-Belle had a hard few days, adjusting to baby Philip, having Granny care for all her needs, and having a very strong idea of what she did and did not want, and using the word "no" just a little too frequently. Josh spent lots of one on one time with her over the weekend, and it helped a lot.
Love these two!
Philip's second bath was much more peaceful than his first. Afterwards we did what we used to do when Joy was first born - get all the siblings on Mommy and Daddy's bed to get their jammies and diapers on for the night. :o)
Tuck those little arms in there...
And more cuddles in their soft jammies.
Kisses, kisses.
I'm not the only one who likes to look long at the little fella.
Doesn't that look comfy?

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