Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three little ones

When Philip is awake and content to be down, I sometimes bring one of the larger dining room chairs over to where we are, and make a comfy nest for him to lay in using the Winnie the Pooh fleece blanket my Mum made for him. 
The chair works great for now, and should be good for a few more weeks anyways. One of the perks of having small babies. :o) Thank you, Lord. :o)
But of course, he really doesn't need to have too much down time, because this sister loves to hold him, and does a very careful job of it too.
It's so precious to see again the nurturing heart God has placed inside of Hope. I saw it in her even at the young age of 21 months when Joy was born. This time it is all the sweeter, because she and I have talked about this and looked forward to it all pregnancy long. :o)
Getting some Vitamin D the good old fashioned way while napping in the recliner one morning. :o)
Thanks again for the blanket, Mum. :o)
With Philip in the safety of the recliner, I plopped the bouncy ones up on my bed for a jolly old time of folding the laundry. :o) Eventually Philip will join us too... when I can trust Joy's movements a bit more. :o) As you can see, Hope is having her own version of fun by dressing up in the clean laundry. :o)
The last load finished while the girls were napping, so my other tag along got to join in on this load. :o)
Thanks for the face, little man.
What? Did that burp taste funny or something? :o)
The towels quickly folded, I settled him for his nap. I sleep him in all positions - mostly on his back, but I find he likes him tummy too, and it does good for if he is more burpy. He comes by it honestly...
.... as you can see...
...they both still sleep on their tummies too. :o)
And since all of them were sleeping at the same time, I followed suit. :o) I think the Lord blessed me with a nap every day that first week, or at least time to lay down. Unlike the kids, I don't sleep through construction noise. Thankfully they slept even with the banging and shuffling going on downstairs as the renos continue. :o)
Milk-tongue-yawn! My favourite. :o)
Enjoying her own form of merriment - a game of chase with Daddy. :o)
Hope loves all the blankets. :o)
She told me she was shading his eyes from the camera flash because he didn't like it. :o) True. :o)
She loves to laugh! :o) Lives up to her name, for sure. :o)

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