Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our last days with Granny

I just loved watching my Mum love on Philip. 
 Hopey can't get enough of him either.
 I love how soundly newborns sleep. :o)
 Finally - a good profile shot! Quite the ski jump he's got, eh?
 Poor Mum. This is not an activity for eyes and hands of her years. Even I don't really like to help Hope do those tiny bead creations. :o)
 Trying for a sibling shot.
 Who's the clown in the middle?
 Afternoon cuddles with Granny on the couch while Joy brings snacks. :o)
 Once upon a time... my Mum made sleepers. And this was one of them. :o) Back when tiny Hope was born, my Mum tried sewing a few small sleepers for her. Trouble is, they were very wide and very short in the leg. However, they worked in a pinch for our little Mr. Man who wets through his clothes like a good boy should!
 Granny got him changed one last time before she hit the snowy roads to drive back to the farm on Saturday morning.
 Yay! He's looking at the camera.
 Hope has discovered she can hold Philip sitting up, and that is now her favourite and most asked for position. :o)
 Philip does prettty good with it for a while.
"I can chew on my fingers... why not yours too, Hope?"
 Hope is always asking me to take a video.... so she can watch it, of course!
 With Granny packed up and out the door, and Josh and Joy out running errands, Hope and I needed a special activity to do together while Philip napped. Mum had made a batch of gingerbread dough the night before, so it was the perfect thing for us to do together!
The candy cane cutter was her favourite one to use!
 Trying again for a sibling picture... I'll keep trying. :o)
 Despite what you might think from his faces, he seldom cries. He is such a good baby. He's really only cried a couple times, when he's hungry and I haven't gotten to him right away, or if something startles him.
 White-tongued yawn. Good sign. Good sign!
 Hee hee. I love his face in this one - "Don't come any further lady Joy, or I might get you with my mighty little hand!"
 Hope was trying to shade his eyes from the flash. :o)
More poses with his strong little hands. :o) He has amazing muscle tone, and I do honestly have to pull his hands and arms out of the way to feed him sometimes.

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