Monday, November 12, 2012

Quiet days with Philip

It was such a blessing to have my Mum here, taking care of us and the household, freeing all of us adjust to Philip and spend our time lovin' on him. 
Sleeping in the same borrowed cradle that his sisters did, but with new, boy coloured blankets. :o) He's a great sleeper, this precious third born of mine. :o) He sleeps well in every position, and is sleeping good periods at night, and napping contently in the day.
Of course, when he's awake, he's the center of attention! :o)

He's my first child to not like light. Both girls were drawn to it, and would turn their head towards any light changes.
Philip prefers it more dim in the house, but is very attentive and responsive to sound, turning his head and eyes for people's voices, music, and the clock chiming.
"Hat off!" Thank you, Joy.
Weekend snuggles with Daddy and "Phuw-p" int he rocking chair.
Starting to get some colour back in my face. ;o) Yay!
Haha. Doesn't look like it there, I know.
Focus, focus!
His first Sunday, he and I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet of the house together, while Granny and Daddy took the girls to church.
I washed his hair under the kitchen tap, and he didn't fuss about it at all. Love his boy-ish looks. :o)
Definitely some growing room in that sleeper, but it works. :o)
Hope walked in the door from church and immediately started asking if she could hold Philip.
She loves holding his little hand.
Somebody's in love. :o)
First picture as a family of five! :o) We are so blessed.
Chillin' in Granny's arms after lunch.
Thanks for the grin, little sleeping prince.
A dream come true - time to go outside and build a snowman with Granny.
All pregnancy long, the girls and I talked about "after the baby is born, it will snow, and Granny will come." Hope would add: "Yeah, and we can go out and build snowmen and snow angels with Granny." I suppose perhaps I then prayed it would indeed work out that way, and happily - it did. :o)

Joy-Belle's not so sure about the whole snow-thing yet, so while she was taking a much needed nap, Hope and Granny went out.
Sunday evening, with Home Group cancelled, we had a chance to give the girls some presents we got for them for when the baby was born - dolly beds!
They loved getting to help Daddy and Granny put them together.
Granny helped Hopey,
and Daddy helped Joy-Belle.
Joy had hers mostly put together, just lacking the screws, when we got a phone call from a friend. By the time we hung up and got back to her, she had it all taken apart again, but Daddy and the allan wrench soon changed that!
While cuddling Philip in the rocking chair, I enjoyed watching the girls play with their new toys.
Joy was very busy with her baby. The doll was up, and down, and in and out in a matter of moments over and over again.
Getting those blankets right. Meanwhile, Hope tucked her baby in snug with a bunch of blankets, and pushed her bed safely under the ledge of the piano so her baby could have a quiet time.
We rented the old Shirley Temple movie, "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms" and watched it together in the evening. I was in a mood to celebrate, so homemade ice cream was served to those who could eat it, and Mum and I had popcorn. :o)
And he had milk - of course!!! :o)

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  1. Hi Erin,
    I have so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your little man and quickly growing girls. You have such a sweet family and I am always impressed by how you have the girls helping you.
    Keep up the good work! Hope you are feeling back on your feet.
    Love that little manly boy!!! :)